12 Celebs Who Fake It By Renting Mansions, Instead of Buying Them

12 Celebs Who Fake It By Renting Mansions, Instead of Buying Them


Celebs often fake it till they make it, but some stars fake it even after they make it. Did you think the swanky, A-grade luxury mansions you see pop stars and actors hanging out in, are actually owned by them? Those are rented mansions, which A-listers like Anne Hathaway, the Kardashian sisters or Mariah Carey rent out, sometimes at outrageous rates. Sometimes Hollywood stars rent out mansions wherever they are shooting for more than six months. Or sometimes they are just more comfortable renting luxe properties rather than spending millions on them. They get to fake it in style, and fans get to believe that their favourite icon lives in a totally plush mansion. So, who are the stars who rent out mansions or bungalows?

1Justin Bieber

It probably makes sense that Justin Bieber doesn’t want to get tied down with a major property. Owning a home is not easy, and Justin is obviously smart enough to avoid the pitfalls of having a permanent residence. Plus, we hear he is a terrible neighbour, so it’s probably for the best. Justin currently rents out a beautiful LA mansion, which costs him $55,000 a month. In fact, in 2016, he also rented a 15-bedroom mansion in London which cost him £108,000 a month.

Justin Bieber la mansion

Image Source: www.mirror.co.uk

2Lady Gaga

You’d think Lady Gaga is rich enough to own her own mansion by now, but the pop sensation has comfortably rented a tropical-style Bel Air mansion for years now. The 6,000 square foot mansion with a pool, costs her $25,000 which is quite cheap considering her lavish lifestyle.

Lady Gaga mansion

Image Source: pinterest.com

3The Kardashians

Did you think the Kardashians own the beautiful Hamptons mansion wherever they shot their reality show Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons? The mansions was reportedly worth more than $12 million, and had six bedrooms, and was rented by the producers of the show.

The Kardashians

Image Source: architecturaldigest.com

4Paris Hilton

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton has a jet-setting lifestyle. From partying in Miami, to sitting front row at Paris Fashion Week, she is flying around the world most of the year. But when she stays in her hometown LA, she rents a beachy mansion which costs her $65,000 a month.

Paris Hilton lifestyle

Image Source: www.pictaram.com

5Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is known to have fluctuating tastes in real estate. She did buy an LA mansion once in 2012 but reportedly sold it as it was too high maintenance. But she rented a mansion with her now-estranged husband Justin Theroux which had a rent of $40,000 per month.

Jennifer Aniston mansion

Image Source: www.architecturaldigest.com


Rihanna might be the most comfortable renter ever. Over the years, Rihanna has rented more than three luxury estates. And currently rents a swanky pad in New York which costs more than $37,000 per month.

Rihanna has rented more than three luxury estates

Image Source: thehollywoodunlocked.com

7Katy Perry

Katy Perry actually started renting after her marriage fell apart. She reportedly owned a home with her ex-husband Russell Brand, but after their split did not want to own a property anymore. But she has incredible taste and found a historic Colonial-style mansion near Hollywood which costs her $8,500 a month.

Katy Perry colonial style mansion

Image Source: www.priceypads.com

8Lindsay Lohan

It’s no surprise that Lindsay Lohan is not a steady resident anywhere. She often stays at hotels and often rents out properties. She was once famously kicked out of Chateau Marmont as she couldn’t pay her bills. She reportedly rents an LA mansion at $9,000 a month.

Lindsay Lohan

Image Source: www.gawker.com

9Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway had to once flee her outrageously expensive rented apartment after her then-fiance Raffaello Follieri was accused of a massive fraud. He was eventually arrested and Anne, of course, moved on. Back then she rented a plush $38,000 mansion like penthouse in Manhattan. But her next apartment was a really surprising choice as it had just one bedroom which she shared with her next boyfriend.

Anne Hathaway penthouse in Manhattan

Image Source: www.vogue.com.au

10Connor McGregor

Even McGregor rents mansions, that too in Vegas, as he is quite a gambler. He does own a mansion in his hometown Dublin, but rents one out in Las Vegas as he loves the town. He reportedly calls is the MacMansion and it has 10 bedrooms.

Connor McGregor

Image Source: lasvegasweekly.com

11Courtney Love

Courtney Love was always trouble as even her landlord agrees. She reportedly painted her bug townhouse without her landlord’s permission, which resulted in her eviction, in spite of the fact that she paid $27,000 every month as rent.

Courtney Love house

Image Source: www.xojane.com

12Mariah Carey

Even pop queen Mariah Carey rents her huge mansion. Mariah has a famously posh lifestyle and even drinks champagne every morning. Mariah rents out a $275,000 Hamptons mansion.

Mariah Carey

Image Source: atrl.net

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