10 Famous personalities whose teachers said they were Dumb

Although Teachers are regarded as instrumental in molding a person’s character in school and a beacon of light in the education of a child, not always are teachers right. In today’s fast paced world of competitive education, teachers have little time to educate those, who are slow at learning.

Here are ten instances of famous personalities in history, both celebrities and scientists alike, whose teachers said they were dumb and who would amount to nothing.

1 Albert Einstein

In school at Munich, Albert Einstein received this comment in his report card, “he will never amount to anything.” The year was 1894 and Young Einstein was 16 years old. Einstein was at the time studying in the Luitpold Gymnasium in Munich. He repeatedly had altercations with the authorities and in his writing, he would describe the spirit of learning as disabled and marred by the strict rule of rote learning. Einstein dropped out of school to join his family in Italy.

Einstein would go on to become of the most famous physicists of all time due to his main contribution to quantum physics being the theory of relativity. He received the Nobel Prize in 1921. Today the same school is named Albert Einstein Gymnasium.

Albert Einstein

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