10 Famous personalities whose teachers said they were Dumb


Although Teachers are regarded as instrumental in molding a person’s character in school and a beacon of light in the education of a child, not always are teachers right. In today’s fast paced world of competitive education, teachers have little time to educate those, who are slow at learning.

Here are ten instances of famous personalities in history, both celebrities and scientists alike, whose teachers said they were dumb and who would amount to nothing.

1 Albert Einstein

In school at Munich, Albert Einstein received this comment in his report card, “he will never amount to anything.” The year was 1894 and Young Einstein was 16 years old. Einstein was at the time studying in the Luitpold Gymnasium in Munich. He repeatedly had altercations with the authorities and in his writing, he would describe the spirit of learning as disabled and marred by the strict rule of rote learning. Einstein dropped out of school to join his family in Italy.

Einstein would go on to become of the most famous physicists of all time due to his main contribution to quantum physics being the theory of relativity. He received the Nobel Prize in 1921. Today the same school is named Albert Einstein Gymnasium.

Albert Einstein

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2 Thomas Alva Edison

In 1854, the priest- in-charge of Port Huron Michigan School, the Reverend G. B. Engle had a brief argument with a mother,insisting she had an addled child referring to a lack of learning ability and confusion. The Mother refused to accept that her child suffered a learning disability and was angered by the rigid form of forced education. She withdrew her son from the school and educated him at home. Her son went on to become the famous inventor Thomas Alva Edison.

When Edison looked at the wonderful woman defending him that fateful day, he swore he would make her proud.

Thomas Alva Edison

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3 Tony Blair

When Blair was in prep school, he was praised for being a good child to have in prep school and was considered the backbone of the class. But! When he entered Fettes College in Edinburgh, it was a different story altogether. Blair’s headmaster, Bob Roberts remarked that Blair was one of the most difficult of boys he had come across in the college.

Tony Blair

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4 Adolf Hitler

This is just an opposite story where an obedient and disciplined mind became oneof the most evil dictators in history. Hitler’s report card dated Sept 16th, 1905 from his elementary school remarked that his moral conduct was satisfactory;he was good in drawing and excellent in gymnastics. However, he scored poorly in diligence.
From a model child to a model dictator.

Adolf Hitler

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5 Ludwig Van Beethoven

Among famous personalities whose teachers said they were dumb, this has got to be the most ridiculous statement. Believe it or not!! Beethoven’s Music teacher actually called him A HOPELESS COMPOSER!!

At the age of 28, Beethoven became deaf due to a fit of rage when his music was interrupted, but that did not deter him from becoming one of the most famous composers of all time.

Ludwig Van Beethoven

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6 Charlotte Bronte

Charlotte Bronte’s school report stated “she wrote indifferently”. Her teacher at the ClergyDaughter’s School at Cowan Bridge also pointed out that she knew nothing of grammar,history, geography and other subjects. The only consolation came from a few instructors who mentioned that her work was at least neat.

Charlotte Bronte

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7 John Lennon

The iconic singer of the legendary pop group “The Beatles”, whose song ‘Imagine’ will always go down as one of the best songs in music history, was actually considered a joker and a clown in his class. Some teachers also remarked that he even disturbed other pupils and was definitely going to be a failure in life.

John Lennon

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8 Gary Lineker

Although famous sportsmen aren’t always great at academics, still they do ultimately make a name for themselves at sport. But Gary Linekar’s teachers at school thought differently. His poor academic performance at school made teachers regard him as handicapped and invited the most ironic statement of all time “You can’t make a living out of Football.”

That’s exactly what he did; becoming one of team England’s all time best strikers winning the Golden Boot in World Cup 1986.

Gary Lineker

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9 Steven Spielberg

Without doubt, Steven Spielberg should be regarded as one of Hollywood’s greatest directors and movie producers of all time. He gave us blockbuster after blockbuster such as E.T. the extra-terrestrial, Jurassic Park, War of the Worlds. However, Spielberg dropped out of junior school twice. The first time he was taken back and enrolled into a class for disabled children. His high school grades weren’t enough to get him into college, where university of Southern California rejected him thrice. If teachers said he was dumb that was definitely an understatement

Today he is a trustee on the board of the same University and was given an Honorary Degree in 1994.

Steven Spielberg

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10 Princess Diana

None can forget the beautiful former Princess of Wales, Diana Spencer. A social activist and a fashion icon, she was loved by the entire world as the cute young Princess and the darling of England when she first married Prince Charles. Her schooling was another story. Diana’s report card stated that she had a defeatist attitude, was emotionally weak and needed to be stronger in dealing with others.

Princess Diana

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