Top 10 Awesome costumes worn by celebrities on Halloween

October is here and so is Halloween, the scary festival of ghosts and girls in stunning costumes. Everyone likes to wear funny, scary and weird costumes in this time of the year and what better place to look for great costumes than Hollywood. Celebrities in Hollywood are known for celebrating Halloween in its true spirit and to start the celebrations, here are 10 of the hottest celebrity Halloween costumes.

1 Carmen Electra as Katy Perry

Carmen Electra is a well known name in modeling industry. She has appeared on covers of many magazines including Playboy and here she channels her inner Katy Perry and dresses like the singer. The look is a difficult one to pull off with the tight dress, the cream coating and red pumps, but Electra manages to pull the look with complete success.

Carmen Electra as Katy Perry

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