What Is Your Take On Life?? How 12 Famous Personalities Do Things Differently For Success.

What is your take on life? How 12 famous personalities do things differently for success


Do you dare to dream!! Would you have enough courage to go that extra mile to achieve success? There are many personalities in the world today who inspire and motivate with what can be termed as their own measure of success. What binds people with a common element is the power of positivity. Being positive and incorporating it into your own mindset and life is the booster for success.

Not always is success achieved on 24/7 nonstop work, that of course is a burnout issue as some of these personalities will tell you. SUCCESS IS ALSO ACHIEVING HAPPINESS IN LIFE. That means you should LEARN TO LAUGH, TAKE A BREAK and ENJOY THE WORLD around you. If you want to understand true success, take a look at the mindset of famous personalities and learn what they teach you.

1 Be Focused On Your Goals

Learn to go with your instincts. According to Barrack Obama one should learn what his passion in life is and follow your instincts. Obama may have had an erratic childhood but he was focused on his goals and walked along the road of his desired profession all the way to the top.

Barack Obama

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2 Listen To Your Heart

According to Vladimir Putin, you should believe in your emotions and not avoid them. Follow your heart and do the things you’d like to do in life. Putin loves karate, he freed wild animals and even likes racing in Formula One. Putin believes in his own convictions even if it makes him a lonely man.

Vladimir Putin qutoes

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3 Don’t Be Afraid Of Failure

When Sachin Tendulkar took over the Indian captaincy in 1996, the India team was performing extremely poorly and he was subsequently removed from the position in 1997. Did he get affected by the failure? No he picked himself up and did what he does best, become the world’s greatest batsman.

Sachin Tendulkar qutoes

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4 One Step at a Time

Robert De Niro was a perfectionist and did not believe in multitasking roles. He would dedicate five years to a single role if he had to. The most profound example of a true actor is his role in Taxi Driver which made the line famous “you talking to me’!!!

Robert De Niro

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5 Curiosity Doesn’t Always Kill the Cat

In 1992, Ricky Ponting requested authorities to allow him to stay back and watch Sachin Tendulkar at the nets. He stood behind the practice nets watching Tendulkar bat. “I wanted to see Sachin Tendulkar who everyone was talking about, and I took up a position behind the nets while he had a bat. It’s fair to say I was going to watch him bat for a long time to come, but that day I was studying his technique, trying to see what it was about him,”

Ricky Ponting quotes

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6 Only Those Who See Beauty Take Off Their Shoes

The Kite runner made Author Khalid Hosseini a household’s name. With a Thousand splendid suns, he cemented his name in literary history as an author whose works were transformational in the element of personal thought.

Author Khalid Hosseini

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7 Dare to Dream

Steven Spielberg dared to dream and his dreams manifested into the most iconic movies of all time.

Steven Spielberg

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8 Every Minute Detail Matters

Among mindset of famous personalities, Christopher Nolan’s attention to detail is phenomenal. His interpretation of a dream world in inception and parallel dimensions in instellarspace proves the workings of a complex mind.

Christopher Nolan

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9 Don’t be Judgmental. Learn to listen and be compassionate

Will Smith proved his acting prowess in ‘pursuit of happiness’. The talented superstar has some pretty good quotes attributed to him on life and human behavior. This is the best one yet.

Will Smith

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10 Laughter!!!The Best Medicine

Who better than the Dalai Lama to prove that laughter is the best medicine. When you laugh, laugh heartily and to be happy. A smile lights up every life including yours.

Dalai Lama

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11 Dedication is the key to success

Lionel Messi is living proof how success can be achieved in the face of adversity and obstacles. His biggest obstacle was himself when he suffered from hormonal disorders when young. Doctors felt he may lose his legs but Messi proved everyone wrong by becoming what some regard as the greatest footballer of all time.

Lionel Messi

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12 All Work and No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy

Mark Zuckerberg believes sometimes you need a break. He works just 50-60 hours a week. It isn’t the quantity of work that matters but the quality.

The world is full of inspiration and the mindset of famous personalities like these are a perfect example of how you should live your life.

Mark Zuckerberg quotes

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