Special Tricks to create a good work-life balance

Creating a healthy work-life balance is critical to an executive’s overall well-being and provides more energy to make the most out of both

It’s about maintaining balance

The question of how to effectively manage work so that it doesn’t affect private, family and social life has been a concern for most professionals since long. Successful senior executives have discovered that pursuing high ranks in the corporate ladder is about creating a good balance between work and home in such a way that you don’t lose yourself in either of them. Creating such balance also requires people to involve their family members in their work related activities and decisions.

We shall be exploring the results of interviews conducted for over five years involving 4,000 executives from around the globe. These interviews were conducted by Harvard Business School students and also included a survey of 82 of the Harvard Business School leadership course executives.

It’s about maintaining balance

It’s about maintaining balance

No matter how deliberate we are in our choices, there are always uncertainties surrounding us, but the key is to stay put and that’s exactly what was commonly found in the successful executives who were interviewed. We can extract five themes as following from their interviews and shall be discussing each in detail.

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