10 Of the most hypochondriac celebrities in Hollywood

Hollywood seems to be battling a disease every time. One or other star constantly seem to suffer from one disease or another like Selena Gomez suffering from depression, Charlie Sheen finding out that he is HIV positive and other stars revealing shocking details about the various diseases they have battled over the years. Celebrities are often lauded for coming clean about their battles with ailments as it puts media limelight on the said disease and scientists get much needed funds for it. But there are some celebrities that seem to be constantly sick with one thing or another.

Here are 10 most hypochondriac celebs ever in Hollywood.

1 Amy Schumer

Funny woman Amy Schumer had made her career of exploiting all the Hollywood stereotypes that are presented with respect to a star. Plus the success of her movies recently has made her the thing that she made fun of, a quintessential over sharing on social media celebrity. She has shared images of her bruised arm when she appeared on SNL and then a photo of her from a hospital in France. She also fooled public into thinking that she was pregnant when her career is at rise.

Amy Schumer

Image Source: www.imgix.net

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