Jono Lancaster was abandoned as child due to his looks; now changing the world

In today’s world, everyone is judged based on how they look on the exterior. Facial features, body types everything from the head to toe is scrutinized and then the person is awarded a status in the society. Despite the fact that that person could be genius in what he does, but if he doesn’t have the perfect look, he might not get a chance to get successful in that field.

One has to be fair, good looking, should have a symmetrical face, pearly white teeth, well groomed body only then will you be accepted as something big and of matter, else you are just another face in the crowd.

But one person had one of the most tragic upbringings, due to facial deformation caused by a medical condition called Treacher Collins Syndrome. But Jono Lancaster has proofed to be an inspiration to everyone in the world, that you don’t need a beautiful face to change the world, but a beautiful heart and kind spirit is just enough.

1 Jono Lancaster

Jono Lancaster was born in Britain with a rare genetic disorder called the Treacher Collins Syndrome. The disease affects the bones in the facial area and hinders their growth, especially the cheek bones. This disorder affects 1 out of 50,000 births and Jono was unfortunate to be that one baby.

His parents abandoned him 36 hours after he was born due to his facial features, despite the disorder only affecting the physical attributes of person and doesn’t harm the mental capabilities.

Jono Lancaster

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