This is why Night Owls could be smarter than the Early Birds

This is why Night Owls could be smarter than the Early Birds


The saying that the early bird gets the worm may no longer hold good as research has proven it to be otherwise. Night owls may be far smarter than the early birds. Does this raise your eyebrows? Well, we have some information for you.

1 The Night Owls live on “Evening Strength”

Researchers at the University of Alberta tested the leg strength of nine early birds and nine night owls and found that the leg strength of an early bird remained consistent throughout the day but the leg strength of the night owls peaked at nights. The reason for this maybe that the night owls show increased motor cortex and spinal cord excitability.

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2 They are more relaxed

People who rise early tend to have higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol which stays high all day. On the contrary people who stay up late into the nights do not receive the same amount of cortisol in the morning.

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3 The Night Owls are likely to be more intelligent

A study conducted by University of Madrid on the sleeping patterns of roughly a thousand teenagers revealed that while the early risers are more likely to get better grades, the night owls scored higher on tests of general intelligence.

The Night Owls are more intelligent

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4 They Might Require Less Sleep and Waking Up would be Easier

A study based on the sleep cycles revealed that while the early birds became wearier even after sleeping seven hours in the night. The night owls did not seem to face this problem. The other benefit is, staying up late in the night can leave the early birds tired and may affect their work performance the next day. The night owls are already used to this sleep pattern and hence a late night work does not affect their work performance the next day.

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5 Night Owls are more alert

A study was conducted on the normal sleeping patterns of early risers and late sleepers. Their brain activity was measured upon waking up and after a few hours. It was found that both the groups scored the same in the morning, but the early risers had lower brain activity in various areas relating to their attention span.

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6 They are more creative

Night owls have been said to be more creative as it is associated with intelligence. Artists practice in the silence of the nights, as one can concentrate better at that time. Creativity thrives when it is uninterrupted.

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7 Better Social Life

As night owls are in the habit of staying up late into the night their social lives are far better as compared to the early birds. The night owl has the benefit of staying up late and partying into the wee hours and still show up looking fresh in the morning.

Night owls are Better in Social Life

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8 They Have Extra Time to Prepare for the Next day

The night owls have an edge over the early risers as they get extra time in the nights to prepare for the following day. The ability to stay awake and prepare for a meeting, exam or anything important may keep the night owl ahead of the early bird.

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9 They Possess Strategic Thinking Abilities

As the night owls find it difficult to sleep, they use this time to think and rethink about their challenges and problems and are most often able to arrive at a strategic solution. They are said to be better planners and thinkers than the early birds.

So you see, being a night owl has its own advantages. If you are one, we are sure you are happy after reading this.

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