This is why Night Owls could be smarter than the Early Birds

4 They Might Require Less Sleep and Waking Up would be Easier

A study based on the sleep cycles revealed that while the early birds became wearier even after sleeping seven hours in the night. The night owls did not seem to face this problem. The other benefit is, staying up late in the night can leave the early birds tired and may affect their work performance the next day. The night owls are already used to this sleep pattern and hence a late night work does not affect their work performance the next day.

night owls require less sleep

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5 Night Owls are more alert

A study was conducted on the normal sleeping patterns of early risers and late sleepers. Their brain activity was measured upon waking up and after a few hours. It was found that both the groups scored the same in the morning, but the early risers had lower brain activity in various areas relating to their attention span.

Night Owls are more alert

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