8 People who spent a fortune on transforming themselves into celebrity look alike

Sometimes people love and obsess over a celebrity so much that they feel a part of their life. Some people take advantage of their looks when they find out that they look similar to any celebrity and spent loads of money on cosmetic surgery and makeup and looks just to become like the celeb they love. Here are 8 such people who spent a fortune to look like their favorite celeb.

1 Girl who looks like Jessica Alba

Xiaoqing is a Chinese woman whose boyfriend is obsessed with American actress Jessica Alba. Alba who starred in Sin City and Fantastic Four movies inspired her boyfriend to ask Xiaoqing to transform herself into a replica of her. Xiaoqing has spent quite a lot of money in order to look like Alba so that she can win her now ex boyfriend back.

Girl who looks like Jessica Alba

Image Source: www.diply.com

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