Puberty took over them like a whirlwind! 9 child actors who grew into really attractive adults!

Child actors are always a pleasure to watch on screen. They never fail to captivate the audience with their innocence, and sometimes deliver extremely well for their age. Most child actors retain their spot in tinsel town and continue to act in films through teenage years and even adulthood. It’s most definitely surprising to see how attractive some of these child actors have become down the years.

1 Matthew Lewis

Matthew Lewis is widely known for his role as Neville Longbottom, the pudgy average student at Hogwarts and also part of Dumbledore’s Army; rather disorganized yet gifted in Herbology, in the Harry Potter franchise. But following some major weight loss, Lewis now sports a very rugged look, making him look almost unrecognizable yet attractive.

Matthew Lewis

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