The Funniest things Parents do while leaving kids alone at home


Weird things parents do when they are away from their kids for the first time

The first time you are in a situation when you have all your weekend planned and also have someone to take care of your children, things should look exciting and promising. But that’s not really the case for most parents and strange things start to happen when you are actually about to leave. You’d have thought it’d be an exciting weekend ever before leaving but the thoughts suddenly change and you start doing weird things. That’s exactly what we are going to focus and here are some of them that you’ll most probably also do.


1. No matter how experienced your child’s caretaker is, you’ll leave a long, detailed and step-by-step guide about how to take care of them. That’s not actually because you don’t trust the caretaker. It’s just that you want them to take care of your child just as you did.

2. Just when you are about to leave, you think you should probably never have planned the trip at the first place. You try your best to find an excuse for not leaving and you can actually find quite a lot of them. You start suspecting if the kid is teething, has a fever and all sort of things. And if you get the slightest clue to confirm any of them, all you think is to cancel the trip.

3. When you finally decide to leave, you say goodbye like it’s the last time you are seeing them. The Goodbye sometimes goes so long with all the love you can ever give them and the intensity of how much you’ll miss them. The goodbye never ends

4. If you manage to pass the first obstacles somehow, you feel like you have lost something big and are left with feelings of emptiness. It’s intense as it’s your first time without them and it has its effects

5. There may also come a time when you run into a temporary panic thinking you’ve lost your kids although you are aware that you don’t have them with you anymore.

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6. You try to make yourself realize that you don’t need to talk about them every now and then. But the reality is often the opposite and you end up talking about them whenever you get a chance.

7. You hear other babies crying and start thinking involuntarily they are yours.

8. You are so excited by the fact you can go to toilet alone that you cannot resist sharing it with anyone you come across.

9. When you accidentally pull something from your bag your baby used like a baby-wipe, biscuit or a spoon, you start feeling sentimental and start recalling things like how cute the baby looked doing this and that.


10. Every time you speak to someone, you are urged to tell them you are without the baby for the first time ever!

11. Other people’s babies suddenly start looking very cute to you and you cannot help yourself cooing them.

12. You think it’d have been so much better if they were with you right here at this moment and how much they could have enjoyed here. You start feeling guilty for not bringing them along with.

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13. You also find yourself swearing a lot because that’s about the time you can and do.

14. You believe instead of drinking too much, it’s better to have a good sleep BUT

15. Do you drink a lot and the reason? You Can!

16. You won’t feel rested unless you have texted every hour asking about your kid’s wellbeing unless either you are asleep or drunk!

17. There will come a time when you’ll be looking your kid’s pictures in your phone and start missing them so much your heart will start aching. You have now reached your limit to endure separation and you are only wondering when you will finally get back to them.


18. Eventually, you’ll build-up so much stress, that you’ll be ready to swear that you’ll never leave them alone again. You start feeling like leaving them was one of the worst decisions you ever made.

19. After it’s over and you are back with your kids, it won’t be long that you’ll begin planning for the next weekend away.

Ever wonder why this happens?

It’s because we take the special little things like cute smiles, little hugs and tenderness around us for granted. We start to realize their importance once we are no longer with them. And the minute we are back, it’s the annoying things we start noticing and forget about the things we’ll miss when away.

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