The Most Common Recurring Dreams as Experienced by Human And Why We Have Them


Most Common Recurring Dreams

Truth be told, recurring dreams are necessarily not the common types that people do have, rather the most remembered ones, and frequently talked of. This probably is due to the recurrence of those types of dreams, putting them into the memory of such set of dreamers as the recurring dreams underlying purpose. In case a dream keeps coming to one’s memory, the reason is that it is attempting to call for your attention. This is a very specific thing.
Considering the economics of the mind of man, carrying some emotional situations often turn to such recognizable figure that has worked prior. And this is commonly experienced in the forms of recurring dream. Now, just flash back to recall those dreams (such as being chased, naked in public, falling, etc) that trouble us in often? Such are neither filled with plots nor characters, instead with themes that are more familiar.

This write-up had discussed below the most common recurring dreams as experienced by human;

i) Resuming Back To School:

The dream of returning to school when not fully prepared also falls into the category of dreams. This often recurs when one is unprepared for whatever life may have in stuck. The dreamer might dream of being fully back in the school for an unprepared examination. A dream pointing out such vulnerability is helping at balancing the underlying feelings of overwhelming insecurity and responsibility. Being first faced with the challenge of accountability in school, it also needs to prove us in our real adult life may spring up such dream.


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ii) Tsunami:

Tsunami is one an unavoidable enormous wave which comes up from the innermost depths to destroy everything along its path. In a similar manner to the tsunami, emotions can act just like that, arising from the unconscious parts in our minds that we might not typically be aware of as to overwhelming us. Several people get involved in some complex inner avoidance mechanisms that will cease to operate. Our fear of being overtaken by some emotional contents is expressed in dreams of the tsunami that is pending.

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iii) Falling off:

The one and only fear men are naturally born is “falling”. Other things are merely notions added to the mix. At this point, gravity is the real thing to tackle, as the slightest disrespect done to its laws brings to a fatal end. Man, therefore, tries to be in charge of all things in anticipation of dangers unforeseen- some are real while others could just be an imagination. “Falling” in our dreams is more or less feeling off control or losing guard because you don’t know where or when it will end you. Meanwhile, the sudden stop is the one that kills and not the fall itself.

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iv) Being Chased:

One that dreams of being regularly chased will most likely lack details other than running to escape from the pursuits of the enemy that is not known to them. Unknown enemies are then seen as frightening, which naturally abandon its victim (or the dreamer) with an abnormal anxiety of sorts. Dreams like this serve a key reason just as our real life presents a scary life experience(s). Our ability or otherwise to survive the panic present in this dream may help anyone experiencing such to navigate their challenges of the day. The truth is… living out the concentrated blast of unbridled fear in the dreams allows dreamers wake with the feel of a balanced sense that ordinarily without such dream would not have been possible.


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v) Apocalypse:

Apocalypse means the globe as a whole is nearing its end. Apocalypse (simply put) is experiencing so much sudden change or transformation as the case may be. The signs of Apocalypse make it seem as all around you is moving. Though, it is not such an awful thing for the whole world to end, simply because the new earth that will emerge later in future after the frightening scenario might have come and gone. All change involves some iota of death (be it a rebirth or recycle) with one thing been sacrificed for the existence or up-coming of another. So, any image or figure involving this phenomenon is a positive expression of change at hand. Change is scary.


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In conclusion, the next time an individual have or encounter any of the points above, it is advisable to soliloquize in what area of life he (or she) might have been feeling its cause. And don’t ever forget: your dreams, more especially the ones similar to the discussed are signalling to you a message, and the more you are attentive to this message, the better they are revealed.
Most important to remember is the fact that as terrifying or disturbing dreams may seem to be, they are recurring for your benefit. After all, you do survive this terrifying scenario to wake and start again.

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