The way this guy proposed to his girl will make you cry

Marriage proposals are supposed to be the most memorable moments of a couple’s courtship. Each guy wants his proposal to be something that no one has done before. Many ways are the standard ring in champagne, near the Eiffel Tower or somewhere in Spain. Each girl wants her guy to propose to her with permission of her family and with full respect. The proposal and its acceptance begin a life of singularity for two people. And it begins with the memorable moment of proposing and accepting.

This guy just made the proposal memorable not only for his girl, but for the whole family of the girl. He gave them something that they will love him for and respect him forever. Read on to find more.

1 Who is the guy?

Tyler Shelton was dating Haylee for close to seven years. And when he decided to ask her to marry him, he knew he had to make it very special. He is a video blogger who has YouTube channel dedicated to his life. He puts most of his daily doings on his vlog (video blog).

Tyler was dating Haylee for almost 7 years and he thought the time had come for him to ask her to marry him. He wanted it to be extra special for her. He also wanted to do it right. He wanted her family to give him permission to ask their girl’s hand in marriage.

Who is the guy

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