These 10 celebs are making the world a better place to live in

Fame makes it difficult for celebrities to live their lives as they want to live. Their every move is under the microscope and they are under constant scrutiny. They do know that they have strong influence over their fans and a strong presence all over the world.

Some celebs get overwhelmed by the fame they get, that they are distracted form their original plans and cannot cope with being under the spotlight all the time. Such celebs start to self-destruct, using drugs and alcohol.

But some celebrities are clever enough to know their own importance and tend to use it for good of other people in the world. They also acknowledge the fact that they have to give back to the society and people who have made them so popular and influential. They do so by donating huge sums of money and by speaking about a cause near and dear to them as they know, when they speak a huge number of people hear them and if even some get inspired by what they say, the world will change for good.

Here are 10 such celebrities who are constantly doing something or other beneficial for others in the world.

1 Matt Damon

Oscar winner Matt Damon is a certified A-list celebrity in the Hollywood is known for his movies like Good Will Hunting (for which he won an Oscar for writing the story), the Jason Bourne series. After he won a ton of awards and acclaim along with earning more than $75 million for his movie Good Will Hunting, he decided to sue his fame and fortune for some charitable work. Damon started his own charity H2O Africa foundation in 2006. In 2009, his organisation merged with Water Partners to form is a nonprofit organization with the goal to provide aid to places that don’t have safe drinking water.

Damon is also a supporter of the ONE Campaign, which has a goal to fight poverty and AIDS in Third World countries.

Matt Damon

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