These Hollywood celebrities have got themselves involved in crazily insane lawsuits!

Celebrities are the apple of everyone’s eye. That could be why even little things they do become newsworthy! Yet, there are some Hollywood celebrities who have really got hilarious lawsuits associated with their names that can make you roll about laughing. If you are in the mood of some real fun, read about these celebrity lawsuits that are crazily insane.

1 Elizabeth Taylor Against Her Gardener

Elizabeth Taylor is one of the most popular actresses of Hollywood. She started her acting career as a child artist and has evolved as an actress later. This popular actress, who has gained world acclaim for her beauty, has a trivial and funny lawsuit associated with her name.

Willem Van Muyden, who was appointed the gardener by Elizabeth Taylor, filed a lawsuit against Liz Taylor for firing him off. Van Muyden claims that he was fired off because he refused to have sex with the butler at Taylor’s household. It is really not possible to say how far this claim is true. Liz Taylor justifies herself by saying that she dismissed the gardener because he employed illegal immigrants. As long as the truth is not unravelled, this lawsuit will surely be listed among hilarious celebrity lawsuits.

Elizabeth Taylor Against Her Gardener

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