Top 10 famous Hollywood divas without makeup

We all know how makeup can change a simple girl into a glam diva. Makeup is something really very common and even necessary for celebrities for they almost always stay in the limelight. They wear makeup to look stunning, attractive, and appealing. However, there are also some celebrities who look superb even without makeup.

Nowadays, we have seen many Hollywood actresses flaunting their natural look so confidently. Be it social networking sites or media spotlight these celebrities are pretty much comfortable and love the way they are.

Take a look at these Hollywood divas without makeup and decide for yourself, do they look as stunning in real life as they look on screen.

1 Jessica Alba

Highly talented and young actress, Jessica Alba is pretty comfortable to share her pictures on social networking sites without makeup. Jessica keeps posting several pictures on Instagram in a normal look. Recently, she posted her picture on Instagram right after the gym through which you can easily get an idea how naturally beautiful she is.

Jessica Alba

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