Top ten reasons you should NOT ever get a job


At the time when graduates complete their education, what they have in mind is that it’s time to go out and land a job.

At the time when graduates complete their education, what they have in mind is that it’s time to go out and land a job. That’s because maybe it’s a norm or people don’t know what else to do or whatever the reason but just stop for a second and think about it. Is that’s the ONLY way of finding a living? Of course not, so is it more self-fulfilling and rewarding? You bet!

Anyone with an intellect and a little experience can easily conclude that doing a job is one of the worst things one can dedicate their whole time and energies to (well, kind of). Although there may be many exceptions, but in general people don’t like what they do 8 hours a day. Most of the reasons other than their lack of interest are generic and universal in nature.

So have a look at our Top 10 reasons for trusting your good instinct and not letting yourself into the trap.

1. Job is just trading time for money


You work and get paid in return, that’s the whole ecosystem of doing a job. So what’s wrong with it? The problem is that it’s just a trade of time for money. There isn’t any real element of value in it. Don’t you think the value should have been truly the focus? Have you ever heard a company say to its employees, well folks just bring in some value in your work and don’t worry about the office timings and work hours, we just want value?
So value your time, you can do so much more with those 8 hours of time instead of just trading them for small amounts of money. It does take some time to stand on your feet so don’t feel sorry if you are still buying time. Find out what you like doing and start exploring how you can deliver value and derive money from it.

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2. Job puts a barrier on your experiences

It’s funny people saying you should gain job skills for career growth. It’s like saying you should drive to learn driving. Everything we do is an experience and chances are they are going to be more thought provocative than what you do in your office. The problem with a job is that after your initial excitement of learning is over and you keep repeating yourself, you stagnate! And the real issue with job experiences is that they become obsolete over time. So choose if you want to stagnate to open yourself to some real experiences and learning.


3. Don’t be a pet!

It’s all about being subservient to a master (often systems) and making his dreams come true. Where are your dreams, don’t you have any? If you do have some dreams then just wake up and do something to turn them into reality. Just don’t domesticate yourself in corporate domestication programs.


Where are your dreams

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4. You still don’t earn as much as you think you do

Thanks to the tax rates that you willfully forfeit about half of the money you get by trading your time. Employers know that for sure and have appropriate arrangements in place to ensure the tax they have to pay is also going from your pay. You might think that your company is paying for the benefits you get but think again. You pay for them, and they calculated everything from building’s rent to cleaning services before even hiring you. It’s so generous of you to work for them for just a fraction of what you should be getting.


You still don’t earn as much as you think you do

5. Future insecurity and uncertainty

Job security and career growth, these words are so opposite to the truth it’s like the opposite poles. Just two words can shatter the whole dream of your job security in an instant; “You’re Fired”. And it isn’t necessary to have a sound rationale for those two words. They can just be uttered anytime anywhere and can put an end to your glorious career.

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6. Boss is always right

What absolute nonsense! He is mostly wrong and stupid in his doings, but we just cannot say that to his face. Even daddies are jealous after they see their sons being so submissive to their corporate masters.


Boss is always right

7. A habit of begging

How do you get your salaries raised when trading your time? Of course, you ask because there isn’t much of a value-to-money relationship going on after all. And even if you do get some extra money, how long is that going to last you?

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8. A limited social life

How many people in your active social circle are persons other than those related to work? Probably very few. That leads to social stagnation also, and you know what’s meant by that. What if one of your dear colleges is acquired by another master, won’t you lose a dear friend?


9. Forget about the freedom, please

I mean it!

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10. It makes you coward

They always teach you how to calculate all the pennies that may sink if you do this if you do that. All their attention is on mentally enslaving you so you not only lose your freedom but also any courage that you might had before becoming a part of them.


Let’s sum it up
Don’t take me wrong. I am not trying to ridicule anyone doing a job. We all have our limitations and circumstances to consider. But just don’t give yourself away for so cheap. Every journey starts with the first step so take it and be your master. Discover yourself and learn what you enjoy doing and start making short and long term targets just the way those masters do.

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