Are you the youngest or the eldest? Find out what your birth order says about you

Personality studies have a way of describing characteristics from a number of factors. From the palms of your hands, to your colors of choice, from your clothes or musical taste, every significant choice you make in life says something about you.

Now there’s a new study that explores a unique factor of determining your personality. Now your birth order also can help determine the kind of person you are and what you may turn out to be. Find out what your birth order says about you. The conclusion derived from these results have been compiled and analyzed from thousands of related studies of a similar nature.

1 The Eldest or First Born Child

As the first born or eldest child in your family, you are a leader among people and eager to achieve success.

Although a bit dominating and bossy, you also feel responsible for others and that’s what leaders are all about. First borns have more potential to do well in exams especially math and excel in communication.

Several Nobel Laureates like Albert Einstein were also first born children. So were US presidents George Washington, John Adams, Jimmy Carter and George W Bush.

George Washington

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