A woman left a note in her glove box if someone tries to steal her car

Humans have only a limited amount of patience for tomfoolery and when that limit is crossed, people may go to any lengths to set things right. Some of us may have had our cars stolen or broken into many times or at least once. You can imagine how hard it is to finish the paperwork and get it repaired or get it tracked and repossessed.

This woman just had it with robbers stealing her car for the umpteenth time and then when she got it back, she put in a very angry, sarcastic note in it for the robbers, requesting them something very peculiar and leaving a card with her contact number.

See the note and the reason why she had to do this.

1 The woman

A reddit user by the name of ‘mfiasco’ who lives in Portland, Oregon was miffed by her Honda car being broken in and stolen several times and after being fed up of it being stolen again and her getting it back from the pound, wrote a pure sarcastic and snarky note and stashed it in the glove box. The note asked the person stealing the car to place it on the dash of the car so that she can get her car back without having to pay for it and getting it released from the pound.

She had written the note (caution: it is full of expletives) two years back and put it in the glove box. Recently her car was stolen (again!!)

The woman

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