Woman’s live art performance turns emotional. Find out why?

Love is the most beautiful feeling in the whole wide world. The knowledge that someone else, someone who is not from your family cares for you in the same way and may be more can be the greatest thing for you in the world. Love provides hope, encouragement to do anything in the world. Knowing someone is there to support you at all times can bring immense peace to your life.

But not every relationship is meant to last forever. Even the feelings for one another fade with time, but the only thing that remains behind are memories, which we carry in our hearts and minds forever. Such are the stories that fill the heart with tremendous emotions like happiness, hope and love.

One such couple is Marina and Ulay who have an interesting story of their own.

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1 Who is Marina Abramovic?

Marina Abramovic is an artist and in 2010 she held her piece of installed art at a retrospective, where she sat across a stranger for a minute. The catch was that neither of them could speak and there was complete silence while the two looked at each other.

Many people came and sat across Marina, some smiling and grinning while others had a blank expression on their faces.

Who is Marina Abramovic

Image Source: www.wikimedia.org

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