Worst celebrity tippers who behave rudely toward employees

We all have heard of the stereotype of the rich treating poor people like garbage. Unfortunately, it is partially true. There are several celebrities who behave rudely toward restaurant employees and thought that they don’t deserve to be treated like human beings. These behaviors changed the way how these celebrities are viewed by public.

Here are 8 celebrities who have been known for being worst tippers and for their rude behavior toward restaurant employees:

1 Madonna

Madonna Louise Ciccone, popularly known as Madonna, is an American singer, actress, songwriter, and businesswoman. She gained fame and popularity by eliminating the boundaries of lyrical content in mainstream popular music and using wonderful imagination in her music videos. If you think that this famous personality knows how to tip her servers, then you are completely wrong. According to sources, she once paid an $18 tip for a bill that was around $400.


Image Source: www.madonnaunderground.com

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