5 Nonsense Science Myths You Learnt on Kindergarten


These five science myths are commonly taught to us when we are kids but do they really hold any scientific authenticity? Let’s find out


Love your Childhood Myths?

We are sent to school just when we have reached an age when we start questioning things around us. Our parents believed school teachers are better equipped to teach and provide their kids with answers to their questions. But teachers are humans too and they can also tell us something not very scientific and proven. Here we’ll discuss top 5 of those things that we were taught in Kindergarten but hold no real truth to them.

1. Diamonds come from Coal

It’s a common belief that diamonds are made from coal, extreme pressure and a lot of time for them to do their thing. But that’s just a vague general statement and scientists do believe that Diamonds certainly don’t come from raw coal.

Carbon is the basic building block of all diamonds and we know it’s the same for coal too, but there is a difference. According to many scientific studies, Diamonds are made out of really old carbon atoms whereas coal consists of relatively newer carbon atoms. If diamonds were to be produced from coal, it’d need immense pressure which under normal circumstances isn’t possible.

This is how diamonds are actually made: Carbon-rich rocks initiate their initial formation at Earth’s mantle under intense pressure over a long period of time. Volcanic explosions then make them delivered to the Earth’s surface.


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2. Dogs sweat through their tongues (or they cannot sweat at all)

Just because dogs pant to cool down doesn’t mean they cannot sweat or sweat only through their tongue. If you cannot see them sweat is because of their fur, but you can spot sweating in their damp noses and foot pads because that’s where they don’t have any fur. Scientists in 1985 did test this by shaving dogs and forcing them to sweat, which proved they do have sweat glands which work but a little differently than ours.

Dogs only have the sweat glands on their foot pads and noses to cool them off and the rest of the sweat glands are used to keep up with their savory doggy stench.

Dog sticking out tongue, close-up

Dogs sweat through their tongues

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3. Bats cannot see and are blind

That’s probably an exaggeration that they cannot see, but at least the claim does hold some ground. The matter of fact is that they don’t really use their eyes instead they rely on echoing for moving and maneuvering in the dark.

In reality, bats do have functional eyes and they can see pretty well with them. Their retinas are not only abundant in rods (needed for a good night vision) but also have two types of cones. There are generally two types of bats, fruit bats that feed on flowers and fruits and microbats. Only one of them uses echolocation for movement and depending upon their needs they can make use of their eyes.

Bats cannot see and are blind

Bats cannot see and are blind

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4. How airplanes fly

The conventional definition tells us that a plane’s wings are designed such that they make air over the top of the wing travel faster that air under the bottom. This results in less pressure over the wing than the pressure underneath causing lift, also known as Bernoulli principle.

The reality is however quite different and much simpler than that. This actually works according to Newton’s third law that says every force has an equal and opposite reaction. So in order to take off an airplane, all you need to do is to force air down and back to propel the object up and forward because of the opposite reaction. The shape of wings comes in action after that as they also need to be in a very specific shape and angle if airplanes are to fly creating downwash and up-wash.

How Do Airplanes Fly

pressure over the wing than the pressure underneath causing lift

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5. Milk is beneficial and good for bones

All of us know milk is good for our bones as it contains calcium which is an essential nutrient for keeping bones strong. This is so widely accepted that we never question its authenticity. In reality, Milk and other dairy products are not such a great source of calcium as we may believe.

There is no doubt that calcium strengthens our bones, but the thing is milk is not such a great source of it. There is a ton of other factors that are more important than milk in having strong bones like heredity, exercise, and protein intake, vitamin intake (D and K which actually matter more than milk).


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