5 Nonsense Science Myths You Learnt on Kindergarten

These five science myths are commonly taught to us when we are kids but do they really hold any scientific authenticity? Let’s find out


Love your Childhood Myths?

We are sent to school just when we have reached an age when we start questioning things around us. Our parents believed school teachers are better equipped to teach and provide their kids with answers to their questions. But teachers are humans too and they can also tell us something not very scientific and proven. Here we’ll discuss top 5 of those things that we were taught in Kindergarten but hold no real truth to them.

1. Diamonds come from Coal

It’s a common belief that diamonds are made from coal, extreme pressure and a lot of time for them to do their thing. But that’s just a vague general statement and scientists do believe that Diamonds certainly don’t come from raw coal.

Carbon is the basic building block of all diamonds and we know it’s the same for coal too, but there is a difference. According to many scientific studies, Diamonds are made out of really old carbon atoms whereas coal consists of relatively newer carbon atoms. If diamonds were to be produced from coal, it’d need immense pressure which under normal circumstances isn’t possible.

This is how diamonds are actually made: Carbon-rich rocks initiate their initial formation at Earth’s mantle under intense pressure over a long period of time. Volcanic explosions then make them delivered to the Earth’s surface.


Image Source: bringelixir.com

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