10 Amazing iPhone functions which you never knew your gadget could do


The iPhone is a marvel of a device which unlike any other Smartphone provides you with options that make it extremely user friendly and convenient. I’m sure as an iPhone user you simply can’t do without the gadget. iPhones have become an integral part of our lives storing vital and life saving information about ourselves too.

However there are times for those not well versed with technology or first time users, that handling an iPhone takes a bit of learning the ropes to using its myriad of functions. Although some of these are the usual Smartphone functions, others are so neat they can really make using a Smartphone extremely convenient. Here are 10 amazing iPhone functions you may have never known about.

1 Reply to text messages without unlocking

Now how amazing is this feature which enables you to reply without having to unlock the phone. Although security locks are necessary, they can be cumbersome to go through especially when you’re travelling or pressed for time. Simply reply and press ok and that does the trick for you.

Reply to text messages without unlocking

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2 Identify apps which drain your battery

This is extremely useful because its a bit puzzling to find your battery draining despite of not using your phone much. It could so happen that an enabled app has been draining the life of your phone. You need to disable it.

Identify apps which drain your battery

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3 Self Destructing Audio and Video Messages

Can you even figure out how important this feature is? There will be innumerous occasions when you may want to send messages both audio and video which are of a personal nature or perhaps legal and confidential messages which require them to be deleted soon after and you forget!! Well, your iPhone wont and enabling this feature will simply delete those messages once they are sent. How cool is that. Just go to your message settings and select either audio or video to choose the expiry period.

Self Destructing Audio and Video Messages

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4 Enable friends tracking

This is another amazing iPhone function which enables you to allow your friends or family to track your whereabouts. You could even set the time period within which you want to allow this facility. You can go the location option and choose “share my Location” where you set the time for an hour or an indefinite period.

Enable friends tracking

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5 Label your groupies conversations with a name

Sometimes if you’re added to more than one group it can become confusing where you may enter wrong messages. Just give a name to your groups which help you to remember the nature of each. Go to the details option in the message thread and enter a group name where it asks you to.

Label your groupies conversations

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6 Multitasking while emailing

This is especially great when you’re on a busy schedule and need to multitask on your iPhone. When multitasking between composing emails and messaging just tap on the top of the message notification. Alternately you can drag your message down to the bottom of the screen where you can see both your email and your message.

Multitasking while emailing

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7 Hands free Siri

Siri is one of the best functions and the joy of having an iPhone. With the new iPhone 6S, now it’s not necessary to keep the home button pressed to launch Siri. Perform the following.

Settings→General→Siri→ and then enable the “hey Siri’ function. You know what happens?? Each time you want Siri, just say the magic words “hey Siri’ and your Siri is activated.

Hands free Siri

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8 Get Siri to read to you

This is as amazing as it can get. With new apple technology the iPhone gets better and better. Now you can enable your Siri to read articles accessed from websites, sms and books just follow the settings
Settings → General → Accessibility → Speech.

Now enable the speak screen and speak selection. To get Siri to read just swipe down your page selection. In fact you can now even teach your Siri to pronounce names correctly.

Get Siri to read to you

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9 You can control your iphone by simply moving your head

This is also another important function for those in situations where operating the phone is difficult. Go to your settings and follow these steps.

Settings → General → Accessibility → scroll to the interaction area →:
Switch control → tap Switches → enable “add new switch “ → select “camera” → left
head movement /right head movement.

Once you’ve enabled the head movement direction, go to the system menu to choose an action or task for which you would like the head movement control to perform. The chosen task can now be controlled and performed by your head movements.

control your iphone

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10 Tracking facility as a record of your whereabouts

Although this feature came in for a bit of flak when it was figured out, still it could be very helpful in determining where you’ve been the entire day. It’s as if your iPhone ahs kept your own little itinerary recorded for whenever you need to access the same. The function tracks and records all the places you’ve been to during the day even if it’s a grocer or the supermarket.

Access privacy → location services → system services now select frequented locations and youll get a history of your whereabouts.

Among all your iPhone features one of course stands out and that’s your medical emergency function which has been given an entirely separate write up of its own in this very website for your information. These 10 could well be the most significant amazing iPhone functions attributed to you iPhone device.

Tracking facility

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