Discover how smartphones tracking your every move. And learn how to stop it.

Smartphones are all the rage nowadays because for those belonging to the upper-end of tech-savvy, nothing else will do. But having a smartphone also comes with a price. For example, not only do you have to pay lump sum data bills if you want to utilize all aspects of your phone like live TV streaming, skyping, etc. Nowadays, more and more smartphone users are waking up against the latent location tracking services that are run by the smartphone OS giants, Google and Apple.

1 Why it matters

The ironic part of having a smartphone is that the phone lacks the smartness required to exhibit discretion. Be it an iPhone or an Android smartphone, our entire itinerary is uploaded to the clouds for our own safekeeping purposes. Again, the need for discretion is brought to the forefront; the need for privacy from your own smartphone which starts shadowing your location. For some it is a nuisance; they are not smart enough to be aware and their entire existence is just sitting up in the clouds for any one mining data for hitherto unknown number of purposes. This is kind of expected once you buy a smartphone and are provided with a personal login-detail that attaches you to whichever vendor you visit: Apple or Google. For some this might be an unwelcomed fact they might not be aware of, while for some smartphone users it maybe an annoyance they can’t feel indifferent enough about. Knowing how to turn off their location tracking maybe a sigh of relief for them, or a head start on paranoia.

Why it matters

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