Do you know the digital world has some helpful smartphone apps which can aid you in relieving stress? Yes, that’s true!

Stress is the new killer in today’s digital world. People have stress of finding jobs, studying, paying for the college, and performance on job, stress of deadlines and what not! This stress has made people’s mental health very bad, which in turn affects their physical health and personal lives.

But the same digital world, that is the source of all the stress, thanks to the connectivity, has come forward to help people get rid of the stress. And we are not talking about some dumb games or personality question things, we are talking about smartphone apps designed specifically in order to help people cope with their personal and professional tension.

Here are 5 such brilliant and truly helpful smartphone apps. Note that most of the apps require a subscription fee, either monthly or yearly in order for them to provide complete and round the clock help.

1 Koko

Koko is not just another social networking app. Though the app looks like a social networking app where you post status, share images and responds via comments or likes on other people’s content. But the beauty of the app lies in the way it has been designed.

When you publish a status by putting what’s on your mind, other app users see your status and use the apps’ ‘reframing’ technique to make you see and think about an anxiety in a new light. Koko founder Robert Morris says, “Reframing is all about changing how we think to change how we feel. When we’re stressed, we often become our worst enemy. We tell ourselves we can’t do it.”

It helps you when you feel stupid or nervous before a presentation, by allowing other users to help you gather your thoughts and find out a solution which you might not have thought of.


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