Why Apple killed the headphone jack? Conspiracy or smart business?

Even as Apple fans are queuing up for the iPhone 7, the big debate around the world is why no head phone Jack. Was it some conspiracy by Apple to promote the sale of their lightening connector and new AirPods? Or was it a sacrifice to make way for improved device technology. Even though Apple has offered several explanations which they deem logical, many parties aren’t buying the line they’ve adopted regarding it as apples hidden agenda.

The last time when Apple killed one of its iPhone ports were in 2012 inviting a huge backlash by thousands of manufacturers who had developed compatible devices rendered useless in one simple stroke. This time again, Apple has done away with its headphone jack providing what may be the worlds smallest adaptor which will connect to Apple lightening port on the iPhone 7. Apple will provide an adaptor with every box but the question is why apple killed the headphone jack. Let’s read what the company has to say.

1 Was Apple hiding their own agenda?

According to Apple the future of technology is wireless even as a worldly perception of mobile audio is antique and outdated. Whether consumers are buying that will be left to be seen because it means giving up your existing headphones to purchase the new apple accessory.

The 3.5 mm audio jack is one of the most versatile outputs on a device whose usage isn’t restricted by patents of manufacturing. Buy a good pair of headphones and you can just plug it in and use it. Why then did Apple do away with it? There are several reasons doing the rounds that Apple simply wants users to use the Lightening connector which many believe to be a worthless contraption. The move was a higher plan to promote the use of the new AirPods.

wireless is future technology

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