31 Lessons we must teach our Children


We need to teach our children good moral values from the very beginning so they can have a strong character when they are grown

Childhood is precious, save your kid’s childhood

Having a baby is one of the most important events in someone’s life and there are a lot of questions in their mind about how to raise children well. As time passes by and parents have more children, their list of things to teach to their kids also evolves and grow longer.

We shall be briefly discussing many of those lessons and while many of these are applicable for children at an early age, many are meant for a little grown up children. Raising children is not just about providing financial resources, but also involves time, discipline and relationship building. If we see raising children from a religious point of view, every religion teaches to build faith in them so they can have good moral values and character when they grow up.

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Here are the lessons that every child needs to be taught for building a strong character:

1. Fearing God should be the number 1 priority

2. Obedience of law, authority and parents

3. Friendships are the most precious gift

4. To be truly in love with God, not just his doctrine or principles or practices

5. Be compassionate about poor and orphans and do whatever they can to help them

6. Have concrete belief in God

7. Serving is the real strength, being served is not

8. A clean conscience and moral purity liberate the soul

9. Motivating people without using or manipulating them

10. Learn to accept and handle failures

11. Never make a promise you cannot keep

12. The tongue can take you to both heaven and hell

13. Real pleasure is in giving

14. Manners are the key to a good character and common courtesies further strengthen it

15. Don’t view this world from your own vision as it’s too narrow, try to imagine it from God’s viewpoint

16. Be thankful to God for all his blessings he gave without you even asking

17. Prayers are the most important pillar of religion and deserve absolute devotion and dedication

18. Asking good questions is as important as anything else and keep up a good conversation

19. Learn to handle temptations, they are not everlasting and controlling them has big rewards

20. Through experience, learn to make good decision and seek wisdom


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21. Realizing the sense of our existence and the direction our God wants us to be

22. Always be open to learning and accepting truth

23. Be flexible and adaptable to changes and don’t be rigid and stubborn

24. Get rid of selfishness and try to adjust with people

25. You make your own choices and will also face their consequences

26. Other’s dignity is as important as yours

27. Don’t lose faith even in small matters

28. Everybody is not born alike, don’t get jealous of those in better position than you

29. Fulfill your commitments and don’t base your decisions entirely on feelings

30. Forgiveness is the best revenge

31. Learn to be balanced in your expenditures, don’t spend needlessly and also don’t keep your hand from spending at all

These are the things that are just too common and you can also add up things you think should be in the list. We know parenting is a challenging and a long task but God also gave us the strength and means to do that and we should all be thankful to him for his kindness.


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