How can this Iron Fish make you stronger than before

Is it possible that an iron fish that is made of recycled car parts and cooked in a pot could solve the iron deficiency issue?

6 years ago, when a Canadian science graduate visited Cambodia. His name was Christopher Charles. He discovered that the worst problem of Cambodian people was anaemia.

In a village of Kandal province, children were weak and having slow mental progress. Dr Charles found that there was something wrong with those children.

Not only children, women were also having extra tiredness and migraines. Those women were unable to complete their regular tasks. Moreover, pregnant women were facing lots of complications. Before and after childbirth, these women were facing haemorrhaging.

The main reason behind this was iron deficiency. Anaemia is a very common issue that affect millions of pregnant women, teenagers and even adults. In different developing countries of the world, like Cambodia, this problem is spreading with a high rate. More than 50% of the children and women are the victim of iron deficiency.

Iron Fish

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In general, if someone is anaemic, he should take iron pills or supplements. But, in Cambodian society, this solution is not working at all. There were three reasons behind this.

1- Pills or supplements is not affordable

2- Pills or supplements are not easily available

3- Side effects of the pill and supplements

There was a need to do something unusual. Dr Charles gave a great idea. He was familiar that when we cook in cast iron pots, the iron gets increased in the food. So he decided to put a huge part of iron in cooking pans that were made of melted metal.

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