The neighbors kid appears out of nowhere in his car, what happens next is spine chilling

2 The boy appears out of nowhere like a ghost

From out of nowhere a little boy is seen sitting in the back of his car. It’s the neighbor’s kid. The man is startled and questions how the little guy got there. Both strike up a conversation and the little boy tells the man he is his daughter’s friend. He asks the man to give him a lift home. When the dad drives the weird kid home, the wife calls again, the man once again doesn’t take the call.

The boy asks the man if he is going to answer the phone or not, but the man declines saying it would be irresponsible of him to answer the phone while driving. The boy instead replies “that’s ok!! I’m not here. When the man turns around he is shocked to find the boy has disappeared. It’s as if he had imagined the conversation. Now watch the video, you’ll see the wife calling again and this time the man takes the call, what happens next will shock you. Just a word of advice, DONT be a distracted driver!!

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