10 Tips to salvage old items in your house

10 Tips to salvage old items in your house


We all know that there are some things in our house that are never going to be thrown away at any cost. Even if they are not used for years, they always have a place in the attic as a backup, if your new and shinier device breaks down.

Things have a sentimental value for us. Things that we bought with our first salary, things that our elders used in the house and have been in the household for generations or they may be things that are simply too good for us to throw away now have a better use than just be showpiece.

Here are 10 tips and tricks to mend, repair and salvage old timey house hold items and maybe reuse them.

1 Plastic Cutting boar

Cutting boards, especially plastic ones are very difficult to clean up after regular and prolonged use. The best way to clean them is to use a mixture of water and lemon juice or essential lemon oils.

Just add 10-12 drops of either in a small cup of water and use a scrub to apply the mixture all over the used part of the chopping board. Now let the board sit in the sunshine all day. When you pick it up in the evening, just wipe it using a cloth and the result will be a perfect stainless cutting board.

Plastic Cutting boar

Image Source: www.caak.mn

2 Plastic container

Plastic containers are notoriously difficult to clean up after storing food items in them for a long time. Especially food you carry as lunch everyday makes the plastic stain and smell bad.

The best way to clean those stains and also remove the smell is to use some denture tablets. The tablets are made up of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid amongst other things and when they react with water, they form a fizz which cleans the container thoroughly.

 Plastic container

Image Source: www.buzzlife.com.tw

3 Copper pots

Copper pots or copper bottomed pots are a piece of art in themselves and truly deserve to be exhibited in a kitchen. The problem with them however is that they look great when they are shiny, but once they get old and are used frequently, they can look dirty and ghastly.

The solution to clean these pots is to mix a little salt and some vinegar and use a scrubbing pad to thoroughly clean the pots. This will not only remove the stains but also vinegar will remove the foul smell and make pots clean as new.

Copper pots

Image Source: www.dimcook.com

4 Dinner plates

Dinner plates have a very short shelf life and using them frequently with knives and forks make them unusable after few years.

In order to keep those white plates’ whiter and smoother, just use some barkeeper’s friend solution and a wet cloth to clean the plates and then wash them afterwards and you will have your beloved china plates back.

Dinner plates

Image Source: www.awesomeinventions.com

5 Cast iron utensils

Cast iron utensils tend to get rusted after years of use, but you can clean them easily using the following substances.

Use a fine steel wool to scrub and remove rust from affected areas. Rub the skillet until the area returns to raw cast iron. Now wash the cast iron with a mix of some warm water and some dish soap.

Dry the cast iron immediately with a clean dish towel or paper towels. Now apply a small quantity of vegetable oil to the entire piece and place it in an oven for 20 seconds. Take it out and cool it down and place it back into the rack.

Cast iron utensils

Image Source: www.pinimg.com

6 Baking Stone

If you’ve got a pizza or a baking stone that you love to use because it is amazing. But after years of use and abuse, it starts to look gross and unappealing to use.

The only trick to make it usable once again is to pop it into your oven on self-cleaning mode and the stone will become as new as it was the first day you got it.

Baking Stone

Image Source: www.diply.com

7 Baking pans

Baking trays and pans become laden with food particle especially in the corners where it is hard to clean them. The only way to clean them is to use a solvent called Sol-u-Mel and let it stay in the pan overnight.

The cleaner will remove all the slime from the pan’s corners. Wash the pans thoroughly and you will have the pans as new as they can get.

Baking pans

Image Source: www.caak.mn

8 Table

Tables have greater sentimental values as they are long lasting items. But they also get scuffed yup pretty easily. And after some years, no matter what polish you put on it, it simply wouldn’t look like new.

Just use a mixture of 1/2 cup vinegar with 1/2 cup of olive oil, dip an old rug in it and wipe the table clean with it. The difference will be astonishing and also the table will get a newer look.


Image Source: www.cutequote.co

9 Canvas shoes

Canvas shoes are bound to get dirty on a daily basis and simple coat of a white shoe polish just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Try to apply a coat of the mixture of 1 tsp. Dawn Dish Soap, 3 table spoon of Hydrogen Peroxide, 2 table spoon Baking Soda on the shoes. Scrub the mixture on the stains on the shoes and leave the shoes for at least 3-4 hours.

Then wash the shoes in the machine and dry them in sun and they will be as good as new ones.

Canvas shoes

Image Source: www.ribalych.ru

10 Microfiber

One of the most stubborn things to clean is microfiber like the ones on your velvet couch or rest chair. Juts follow the steps given below to clean anything of the microfiber like pen mark, drink stains, grease and anything.

First use a brush to scrub the stained part to loosen the dirt particles. Then spray some alcohol on the affected areas. The area should be wet, now rub the area with a sponge. Repeat on all the stains individually and let the furniture dry.


Image Source: www.diply.com

The microfiber will be cleaned and become comfy again.

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