10 Tips to salvage old items in your house

We all know that there are some things in our house that are never going to be thrown away at any cost. Even if they are not used for years, they always have a place in the attic as a backup, if your new and shinier device breaks down.

Things have a sentimental value for us. Things that we bought with our first salary, things that our elders used in the house and have been in the household for generations or they may be things that are simply too good for us to throw away now have a better use than just be showpiece.

Here are 10 tips and tricks to mend, repair and salvage old timey house hold items and maybe reuse them.

1 Plastic Cutting boar

Cutting boards, especially plastic ones are very difficult to clean up after regular and prolonged use. The best way to clean them is to use a mixture of water and lemon juice or essential lemon oils.

Just add 10-12 drops of either in a small cup of water and use a scrub to apply the mixture all over the used part of the chopping board. Now let the board sit in the sunshine all day. When you pick it up in the evening, just wipe it using a cloth and the result will be a perfect stainless cutting board.

Plastic Cutting boar

Image Source: www.caak.mn

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