7 Death defying selfies you would be shocked to learn about

We live in an era of profound communications. Even social media has emerged as a powerful tool to connect with the world anytime and anywhere. According to a report, people take more than 1 trillion photos in a year for sharing on these online media platforms. In a way, it is far more than photos taken up in entire 19th century.

1 The Selfie Trend

Gone are those days, when cameras were specially needed for taking photos. Smartphones are the need of the world. Now you can take photos, chat online or access these social media groups at your phone screen only. Among these photos, especially selfies are very much in trend. Just in 2015, more than 300 million photos were tagged on Instagram with Selfie label. These shared photos and faces not only drive us but compel us to act in certain ways.

Especially looking directly into the camera for selfie usually helps us to make a direct connection with the viewer. But these stylish, iconic selfies can sometimes be drastic as well. It is better to mark them in our mind. Here are a few of the scary selfies that will remain in your mind.

The Selfie Trend

Image Source: www.businesstech.co.za

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