8 High class First class cabins in Airlines around the world

8 best First class cabins in Airlines around the world


We all know the trials of traveling via airlines. Economy classes are cramped for space with the knees and neck taking most of the brunt in the small space available for each passenger. Unless and until you can afford to fly first class, where the seats are more or like beds and you get extra care from the airline staff, you can only dream about it.

Speaking of first class cabins in airlines, the airline companies make sure that their highest paying customers get all the comforts of the world during long hour flights. Some of the facilities include apartment like spaces, double beds, mini bars and much more.

Here are the top 8 first class cabins in airlines around the world.

1 Emirates

Emirates business class cabins come with seats that convert into a full flat bed with a comfy mattress. It also has doors for privacy, a personal mini bar, complimentary wine and food and something that makes you relax in a way nothing else will.

It even has an on-board spa for long flights and finally, getting in and out of airports is made quicker with a complimentary chauffeur for the business class passengers.


Image Source: www.businessinsider.com

2 Etihad

The business class passengers on Etihad airways are first greeted at the airport entrance by a porter and a concierge who take them to a dedicated check in reception. After this they proceed to wait in the first class lounge and can even get a massage at the spa.

The cabins are fitted with leather seats of the highest quality, personal wardrobes and complimentary chilled drinks. For the ultimate experience, guests can stay in the Residence-an upper deck cabin on the Etihad A380. It comes with a living room, double bed room, shower, a personal butler and a chef.


Image Source: www.businessinsider.com

3 Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines or JAL have their SKY Suites 777s which are fitted with wood interiors and leather seating. The cabins come with a 23-inch personal TV, retractable privacy doors and customized bedding.

Meals are prepared by 3 star Michelin chefs and include both western and Japanese cuisines. Passengers can even book
their meals with the chef beforehand and their meals will be ready for them on board.

Japan Airlines

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4 Lufthansa

German airlines Lufthansa keep their first class cabins simple, but sophisticated. They have lie-flat beds with mattress, pillow and a duvet. Passengers also get in-flight entertainment in 8 different languages. Complimentary wines selected by sommelier Markus Del Monego and caviar service are included with meals.


Image Source: www.clouddn.com

5 Swiss International Airlines

First class armchairs are available for long haul flights in Swiss International Airlines. These chairs can be converted to lounge chairs, a table for two or a 6.5 ft bed with mattress. Passengers also get pajamas by Zimmerli and a bag containing socks, eye masks, toothbrushes, ear plugs by high end fashion brand La Prarie.

Swiss international airlines

Image Source: www.designboom.com

6 Korean Air

Korean Air gives passengers different options for first class travel. The Kosmo Suites 2.0 comes with a sliding door that is see-through on the inside, a 9.4-inch partition, and a 79-inch seat. The suites also have adjustable back support, a footrest, and one-touch controls to change positions.

The other option is the Kosmo Sleeper-a 78-inch-long lie-flat bed-and the Sleeper Ottoman, which are exclusive to the B777-300, A330-300, and A330-200 aircrafts. The seats are equipped with personal LCD screens, readings lamps, and noise-canceling headphones.

Korean air

Image Source: www.thekievtimes.ua

7 All Nippon Airways

The first class cabin on the All Nippon Airways (ANA) is more or less a private room. It has comfortable seating, a dining table and lots of storage space. Seats are equipped with LED lights, facility to call using the international telephones with personal satellites, a USB port and 23-inch monitor for in-flight entertainment.

All Nippon Airways

Image Source: www.namba.tj

8 Thai Airways

The Thai Airways call their first class cabin the Royal cabin. Their Airbus A380 and Boeing 747 contain semi private suites with 8 feet long beds with adjustable seat width.

In-flight entertainment can be achieved by the 23- inch flat screen monitors, which have over 300 programs for viewing. The passengers flying in the Royal Cabin can enjoy a full body massage at the Royal Lounge at the Suvarnabhumi Airport before take-off.

Thai Airways

Image Source: www.times.com.au

You can have an amazing and relaxing journey through these first class cabins in airlines and reach to your destination in a refreshed state.

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