8 best First class cabins in Airlines around the world

We all know the trials of traveling via airlines. Economy classes are cramped for space with the knees and neck taking most of the brunt in the small space available for each passenger. Unless and until you can afford to fly first class, where the seats are more or like beds and you get extra care from the airline staff, you can only dream about it.

Speaking of first class cabins in airlines, the airline companies make sure that their highest paying customers get all the comforts of the world during long hour flights. Some of the facilities include apartment like spaces, double beds, mini bars and much more.

Here are the top 8 first class cabins in airlines around the world.

1 Emirates

Emirates business class cabins come with seats that convert into a full flat bed with a comfy mattress. It also has doors for privacy, a personal mini bar, complimentary wine and food and something that makes you relax in a way nothing else will.

It even has an on-board spa for long flights and finally, getting in and out of airports is made quicker with a complimentary chauffeur for the business class passengers.


Image Source: www.businessinsider.com

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