Here is how you can use a small bobby pin to unlock any lock or door in no time

Locks keep us safe. Locks keep our valuables safe. Locks are perhaps one of the greatest inventions in history of mankind. But along with locks comes a set of keys. If you go on to lose the keys, and then it can spell doom for you as you have to break the lock or the door or spend on a locksmith. You must have thought of learning how to pick locks, atleast the one on your door. If it’s a mechanical lock that normally goes on doors, then this nifty trick can help you out. All you need is a couple of bobby pins and lots of practice.

1 How most of the door locks work?

Most of the door locks in normal doors without any additional security are fitted with mechanical locks. The mechanical locks works when a number of metal like tumblers, levers or latches fall simultaneously into a slot in the lock and that prevents it from moving and thereby locking it. The keys of these locks are designed to then make the tumblers or the levers fall into place due to the notches and opening the locks. These types of locks are more common in doors all around the world have these locks. But the issue with these locks are that if you somehow manage to not carry a set of keys with yourself and lock the door behind you, you would have to call a locksmith to open the door for you because the only other option is to break the whole damn door down. But you can unlock the doors if you happen to have a pair of bobby pins handy. (Pretty lucky to have them on hand if you are a guy!!)

 How most of the door locks work

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