Did you know that this is how these 10 things should be cleaned up

Household items go through multiple levels of abuse each day. Cooking utensils suffer the most as they are used to cooking many greasy items and become difficult to clean.

Other house hold items like blinds, mattresses and other things are quite difficult to clean after use. Also cleaning is one of the things which we do as it has always been done in our house hold. Our way of cleaning has been always influenced by how our elders have cleaned.

But here are 10 ways to clean household items with efficient time saving methods.

1 Cast iron pans

The most regular way to clean a cast iron pan is using normal soap and water.

But the more efficient way to clean cast iron pan is actually scrub the pans with a mixture of rough salt and water in order to remove the persistent food deposit. After doing so, carefully dry the pan and put on a little coat of oil before storing.

Cast iron pans

Image Source: www.diply.com

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