Did you know that this is how these 10 things should be cleaned up

Did you know that this is how these 10 things should be cleaned up


Household items go through multiple levels of abuse each day. Cooking utensils suffer the most as they are used to cooking many greasy items and become difficult to clean.

Other house hold items like blinds, mattresses and other things are quite difficult to clean after use. Also cleaning is one of the things which we do as it has always been done in our house hold. Our way of cleaning has been always influenced by how our elders have cleaned.

But here are 10 ways to clean household items with efficient time saving methods.

1 Cast iron pans

The most regular way to clean a cast iron pan is using normal soap and water.

But the more efficient way to clean cast iron pan is actually scrub the pans with a mixture of rough salt and water in order to remove the persistent food deposit. After doing so, carefully dry the pan and put on a little coat of oil before storing.

Cast iron pans

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2 Blender

Cleaning a blender is a whole new world of pain for you. You must have thought of taking apart your blender in order to clean it.

Here is a much better way. Rinse your blender with tap water and then fill it half way upto with hot water. Add in a little dish soap to the mix and give it a run once or twice. Now rinse the blender with normal water and your blender will be cleaner than ever.


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3 Toothbrush

It is surprising fact that not many of us clean our toothbrushes frequently. As a thumb rule, you have to replace your toothbrush after every 3-4 months, but you need to clean it also every day.

The method is very simple, just fill a clean cup with white vinegar and dip your toothbrush in it for a couple of hours. Wash it and your toothbrush will be less gross.


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4 Toaster

Toaster is one of the few things that are pretty hard to clean. And just turning it upside down and shaking it doesn’t do it. Instead just grab some cream of tartar, water and scrub the toaster to make it clean once again.


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5 Oven

Here is a very simple method to clean your oven. Make a paste of water and baking soda and smear it all around the insides of the oven. Leave it as it is for the night and wipe it with a wet cloth in the morning.

Then spray some vinegar inside the oven and wipe down with a wet cloth. Turn on the oven and set it for low for about 20 minutes in order to dry it. And voila! You will have a sparkling and fresh smelling oven.


Image Source: www.altamente.org

6 Cutting boards

Another item which is hard to clean is the cutting board used for chopping veggies and meat. The wooden ones are quite known to let debris of food hide in the cuts on the board itself and a simple rinse does not clean it thoroughly.

Instead cut a lemon in half and use some rock salt in order to rub it onto the board. The salt will clean the debris from the cuts and the lemon will take away all the smell of the food cut on it. After doing so, wash the board with soap and water and let it dry.

Cutting boards

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7 Shower head

Just spraying your shower head with water and cleaning the pores won’t clean your shower head. In order to really clean it and make it sparkle, fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and tie it securely around the shower head for an hour or so.

Then wipe the shower head with a wet cloth and you will have a clean and shining showerhead to use.

Shower head

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8 Cheese grater

Probably the hardest object to clean should be the cheese grater in your kitchen. But we have a very easy way for you to clean it. After you have shredded the cheese, immediately grab a potato and start shredding.

Potato contains oxalic acid and it makes the sticky cheese in the grater’s teeth to leave it and you can wash off the residue easily. Also you will have shredded potato for breakfast hash browns.

Cheese grater

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9 Microwave

The easiest way to clean your microwave and make it smell good is to place a bowl filled with a mixture of vinegar and water inside it. Now heat up the microwave for around 2 minutes.

The mixture of water and vinegar will make all the greasy stuff to become loose and you can easily wipe it with a cloth.


Image Source: www.watson.ch

10 Coffee maker

There is a point, where your coffee maker needs a thorough cleaning. And the most efficient way to do it is to fill it with a mixture of water and vinegar. Then run it for a half brew cycle without the coffee grounds and leave it for an hour or so. Empty the coffee pot and run a fresh water cycle, repeat the process until the smell of vinegar is gone.

Coffee maker

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