A fairy tale village without roads. See it to believe it!

Fairytales can exist even in real life too and if you want to experience a location near magical then you should pack your bags and leave immediately for the quaint village of Giethoorn in the Netherlands.

Around the world, there may be many such exotic locations but none as picturesque and pretty as Giethoorn, which has one fascinating and amazing feature that sets it apart from the rest of the world. Believe it or not, but Giethoorn is a village without roads. Everything is connected with waterways where people travel in boats rightly making it the Venice of the Netherlands.

1 No Roads and No Modes of Transportation except Over Water

Giethoorn is picture perfect. Should you ever decide to visit this magical wonderland, your mind will simply be blown away to see that places like this actually exist on earth. The quaint fairytale Village was first conceived as far back in history as 1230. With such a rich history surrounding it, it could well be something right out of a fantasy movie belonging only in dreams.

Giethoorn has no roads and no modern modes of transport either. The entire village is connected by canal styled waterways where the possible means to travel are by boat or by foot. Even the boats themselves are magical in nature and are called whisper boats as they make no noise when moving. Imagine the sense of peace and tranquility in a haven like this, especially when it isn’t the tourist season.

No Roads and No Modes of Transportation

Image Source: www.olympicwanderings.com

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