Amazing ice caves that stay frozen throughout the year will not melt even in summer

Ice caves around the world are a majestic and amazing phenomenon but what’s most fascinating about ice caves is the fact that they remain frozen even in summer. The ice caves located below the surface of Shanxi province in china is a major spectacle as the cathedral of ice remains frozen even when during the summer when it’s hot and temperature are soaring in the teens.

Ice stalactites of the Ningwu cave bear down upon stalagmites soaring up from the cave floor. The entire sight is a dazzling one and can also be experienced in the many ice caves that stay frozen around the world in Europe, North America and central Asia. But what is the geographical mystery behind Ice caves which baffle scientists who have undertaken extensive studies to simulate and research what keeps the natural freezers of the earth perennially cold.

1 Ice Caves Are a Marvel of Nature

Although till date the cold theory of lack of geo thermal heat in various areas causing icy formations e has been widely accepted researchers in China think otherwise. Yaolin Shi of the Chinese academy of geological sciences feels that if the cold theory was true then surface temperatures in such areas should also be cold, yet surface temperatures remained hot even while icy caves featured temperature below zero. The surface temperatures above the Ningwu cave reach as high as 17 degrees centigrade yet it doesn’t impact the ice below.

The most plausible explanation is the geographical features of the cave and the influences of air flowing through such features along with the temperature exchange with rock walls within the cave which could be responsible for inducing an environment conducive to ice formation.

Ice Caves Are a Marvel of Nature

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