Miracle kid who was saved 20 years ago does something amazing for the society

In dire situations where life and death are the only options, only a miracle can save the person. Here is a similar story about a boy who was born with a rare fatal condition, but thanks to the skills and determination of the doctors and due to the prayers to the almighty, the kid survived and came to be known as the miracle baby. 20 years since the incident, the same person is now giving back to the universe in his own way. Read how and what.

1 Chris Downs – The Miracle Baby

Chris Downs is a junior at the University of Colorado. He was born in 1995 and as soon as he was born, doctors came to know that he is suffering from a fatal condition. He had a hole in his diaphragm and that caused the intestines of the baby to be pushed into the chest. This meant that Chris didn’t have much time on his hands and he had to be taken into the surgery room. In 1995, this condition known as diaphragmatic hernia had a mortality rate of over 75% and with the kid being just 3 weeks old, chances of survival were already low.

After surgery, Chris was out on a machine that acted as surrogate heart and lungs, and for 11 days, his parents were praying for a miracle and also distributed ‘I believe in miracles’ pins to all the staff and doctors. After 11 days, he survived and the parents were told by Dr. Jeff Hanson that he will be a normal kid.

Chris Downs - The Miracle Baby

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