These photographs taken from a plane cockpit will stun you


Photography is such a pursuit that there are several ways to express it as an art form. Christiaan van Heijst and Dan Krans belong to the photography company called Amazing Aviation. The duo have captured spectacular photographs taken from the cockpit of planes. Some of the snapshots of weather phenomenon around the earth are mesmerizing such as the northern Lights and massive cloud formations.

“Ever since I started my first job as a pilot, I felt the need to capture the atmosphere of the unique views that I had from the cockpit,” Van Heijst told Caters News Agency. Van Heijst is happy that he can share what he loves doing best. Photography and flying. . Check out some fantastic examples of their Amazing aviation photography.

1 The Northern Lights

The Northern lights or Aurora Borealis is one of the most stunning of natural lighting formations on the planet. Here are the Northern lights from an airplane cockpit.

The Northern Lights

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2 Thunderstorms within clouds

The amazing spectacle of thunderstorms lighting up the interiors of clouds is botgh intimidating and almost magical.

Thunderstorms within clouds

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3 Lightning across the sky

Streaks of lightning across the sky like a spider’s web or cracks in a car’s windscreen. Even clouds on the skyline are all lit up.

Lightning across the sky

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4 Thunderstorms over the skyline

Truly a beautiful picture of thunderstorms form 30,000 feet.

Thunderstorms over the skyline

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5 City lights beneath night sky

A reflective and tranquil shot of the beautiful night sky emphasized b y city lights below.The sot is breathtaking and Amazing Aviation photography are unparalleled in their work.

City lights beneath night sky

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6 Thunderstorms light up clouds

A brilliant shot of a thunderstorm captured at the right moment.

Thunderstorms light up clouds

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7 Light rays

A fantastic photograph of light rays drifting through the clouds

Light rays

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8 Clouds and stars in the sky over the horizon

One of the best examples of amazing aviation photography. This is almost ethereal and looks like some magellanic cloud but since it’s so close to the runaway it could be stars and clouds caught in a thunderstorm.

Clouds and stars in the sky

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