Self – Discovery game – choose a soul picture and you will know yourself

Self-Discovery is necessary to know what one thinks or know about one self. What you want to discover about yourself spiritually, what are your priorities in life.

An individual wants to do this without asking for the opinion of the family members, spouse, and friends. Their views and opinions could be helpful in you knowing yourself, but they can be polluted with biased views, which may be well meaning, but it light hamper you quest for truth and enlightenment about yourself.

Only you can truly know about yourself. Finding the truth about you is a lonely path, but one has to walk that long road alone and come face to face with some harsh truths about oneself in order to find the real you.

Also sometimes, some things can tell many things in a subtle way. Like this self-discovery game, where you can choose a picture amongst the 4 and you can know what does that picture tells about you.


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