Self - Discovery game - choose a picture and you will know yourself

Self – Discovery game – choose a soul picture and you will know yourself


Self-Discovery is necessary to know what one thinks or know about one self. What you want to discover about yourself spiritually, what are your priorities in life.

An individual wants to do this without asking for the opinion of the family members, spouse, and friends. Their views and opinions could be helpful in you knowing yourself, but they can be polluted with biased views, which may be well meaning, but it light hamper you quest for truth and enlightenment about yourself.

Only you can truly know about yourself. Finding the truth about you is a lonely path, but one has to walk that long road alone and come face to face with some harsh truths about oneself in order to find the real you.

Also sometimes, some things can tell many things in a subtle way. Like this self-discovery game, where you can choose a picture amongst the 4 and you can know what does that picture tells about you.


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1 Body-Sized Soul

If you chose the first image which is the Body sized soul, congratulations, you have a very healthy self-esteem. You have an ego that is not too big for you to have a negative effect. This will help you in being aware of your worth.

Also the self-esteem is not weak for you to doubt your abilities. This will ensure that you don’t live a life that is not fulfilling. This picture also suggests that you are a very balanced and level headed person. You are a loving fellow and believe in giving love to anyone near you. It also says that you receive love from everyone around you.

Body-Sized Soul

Body-Sized Soul

2 Large Soul

If your choice of picture was the second image, which is the Large soul, your choice is bit of worrying. Large soul indicates incompleteness in your life. You are not happy with whatever that you have achieved in your life so far.

This has led to unhappiness in your feelings about your life. But do not worry. This can be seen as an opportunity to learn about you in a positive way and healthy way. You can take it as a lesson to learn and fulfil your life a little better.

Large Soul

Large Soul

3 Tiny Soul

If you have chosen this image, its name is Tiny Soul. It means that you undervalue yourself to very high levels.

You are proud of the qualities that you have. But you strive for perfection every single time, failing that you feel extremely bad about yourself. Just try and remember that perfection isn’t necessary or possible. There is no shame in knowing that you have some flaws.

Tiny Soul

Tiny Soul

4 Soul without definite form

If you have chosen this image, you are closest to inner peace. You do not care about stuff like self-worth or flaws.

You are neutral in your views. You do not believe in comparisons and are completely unbiased. If you have strengths, you don’t gloat about them. Or if you have any flaws, you don’t worry about them and embrace your short comings.

Soul without definite form

Soul without definite form

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