6 Things your microwave can do and you had no idea at all

Microwave is a multi-utility appliance which is a blessing in disguise for people who want to eat food that is cooked in minimal time possible.

Earlier when convention ovens were invented, food was cooked at a slow pace as compared to today’s 2 minute eateries. But now with the advent of powerful microwave ovens, gone are the days of slow cooking food in convention ovens. Now you just have to buy frozen food, bring it to normal temperature and cook it in microwave ovens.

But you might be surprised to know the other things that your oven can do apart from just cooking or heating your food.

1 Chop onions easily

Now chopping onions is one task that is bound to get you crying in no time, but if you to want chop and dice onions without shedding a tear, then use your microwave. Just cut off the ends of the onions and heat them up in the microwave at full power for 30 seconds. Now you can chop them without any tears.

Chop onions easily

Image Source: www.cloudinary.com

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