12 Super trolls that will make you ROFL

8 Trolling social media sites

Now this is one troll every reader would simply love. What with all the social media news sites and their corny headlines, ‘NO 2 will amaze you” “this will shock you” and “that will leave you speechless”

Trolling social media sites

Image Source: www.scoooops.com

9 How doctors make a point

If that sign doesn’t say it all then what does. Obsessive compulsive disorders, did you see the sign?? It’s shifted.

How doctors make a point

Image Source: www.diply.com

10 Even Presidents can’t resist the trolling prank bug

Here’s President Obama and it seems he just couldn’t resist putting his foot on the weighing machine.

trolling prank bug

Image Source: www.thatviralfeedcdn.com

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