Underwater Hotels around the world that leave you spellbound

Travellers enjoy staying in unique hotels that give them a view of nature or the experience of some truly delectable cuisine. In this world, there are many different types of hotels designed keeping in mind the travellers and their unique choices. But the most impressive list is surely that of the underwater hotels around the world that give you a view of the aquatic life and the beautiful waters. So here is a list of a few such hotels that are sure to leave you spellbound:

1 Conrad Maldives, Rangali Islands

Conrad Maldives is operated by the Hilton Hotels. Imagine sitting 16 feet below the surface of water off the coast of India and enjoying the luxury of Maldives tropical waters. That is exactly what this hotel offers to each of its customer. This hotel has no rooms but has a splendid Ithaa Undersea Restaurant. It was also named by the New York Times as one of the most beautiful underwater hotels in the world. It is the world’s first all glass undersea restaurant.

Conrad Maldives, Rangali Islands

Image Source: www.hilton.com

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