10 Epic photo-ops with statues

Statues and sculptures are important structures for humanity. They are the reminders of some very significant historic events and lets us celebrate those events in order to remember those important things.

Statues are awesomely artistic, gorgeous and they bring a sense of beauty to the place and it also becomes a noteworthy milestone in the city, town or village. But sometimes art can also be a bit weird. Also people have a habit of posing with such statues that make a great photo. Here are such 10 such people who saw a great opportunity to have fun with such statues.

1 The dancing pose

Yeah get down and boogey. That’s what these 2 girls did when they came across this statue of roman dudes striking awesome pose. The trick is in getting the timing correct when you need it.

The dancing pose

Image Source: www.diply.com

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