10 One-Letter Place Names – Find Out Where They Are

10 One-Letter Place Names – Find Out Where They Are

It is not hard to skip through this fact that place names, as applicable to words, also possess their own meanings, histories, and etymologies. Of a very good example is Paris. Paris was named after Parisian- one age long European tribe. In the same manner, Dublin arises from that Irish dubh linn, which literarily implies black pool. Tokyo is not left behind, it means eastern capital. For Chicago, it probably refers to something like say “the wild onions’ place,” better put “the skunk place.”

Simply due to the fact that these place names are so frequently used, they seem to simplify naturally as time pass by, therefore becoming so considerably easier, shorter and faster to pronounce when compared with their original forms. But some place names just like the ten discussed in this write-up take succinctness to the extreme.
The ten places are discussed here all beer names comprising only one letter. Check them out

1. Å in Norway:

Actually, there are quite a number of different locations called “Å” across Scandinavia, whereas “Å” (pronounced seemingly the same as double o “oo” in the word “door”) is just one in Lofoten Islands, northern Norway. They all take their names from same root source: “å” in many dialects and languages of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, means either “stream” or “creek” and is a distant cousin of aqua (Latin word for water), etymologically.

A Letter

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2. D in Oregon:

The river “D” flows westwards from the Devils Lake in Lincoln County, Oregon into the Pacific Ocean- just 120ft away at high tide. The river “D” is considered by several as the shortest named in the globe (this was once contested by the Roe River in the central Montana), without a name until as late as 1940, this was when its present day name was picked as part of a local competition. The Lincoln City Chamber of Commerce then thought it wise and appropriate enough to give this shortest river throughout the globe the shortest name possible.


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