Stunning Before And After Shots That Show The Effort Put Into Hollywood’s VFX And Makeup

Hollywood’s makeup department is something that does not get the recognition that it deserves. The department is responsible for bringing all the fantasy creatures and characters to life thanks to the mastery of their craft. In an age of CGI where most characters are computer-generated, there are some directors who still prefer practical effects.

The only way these practical effects are even possible is thanks to the makeup department. The men and women here take time and put in a ton of effort to make the director’s vision a reality.

1Game Of Thrones

One of the most anticipated parts of season 8 of ‘Game Of Thrones’ was the Night King. Although there were different actors playing the character the makeup procedure was the same. Actor Richard Brake played him in season 4 and 5. But he was replaced with actor Vladimir Furdik who played him from season 6 onwards.

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2Darkest Hour

One of the most talked-about performances of 2017 was Gary Oldman as Winston Churchill. Now if you look at the before and after images you will see the two do not look anything like one another so the amount of hard work that went in was impressive. Gary had to wear a full head of makeup and even a fat suit to resemble the iconic historical figure.

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3How The Grinch Stole Christmas

In the classic 2000’s movie ‘How The Grinch Stole Christmas’ Jim Carrey played the role of the Grinch. Since Jim is known to be an actor and comic who uses his expressions a lot the makeup had to be thin and flexible enough for that to happen. The end result was one of the most memorable Christmas movies that is still watched and loved to this day.

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4The Revenant

‘The Revenant’ was a survival story and naturally throughout the movie the lead character would be getting hurt. To make the movie as realistic as possible the makeup department teamed up with medical staff to understand what kinds of wounds Leonardo DiCaprio’s character would sustain throughout the movie. Once that was decided upon the makeup team got to work and the result was stunning.

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