10 Illustrations that show the extreme downfall of our modern society

The modern world is like one large spider web with us humans trapped in our own progress of technology. Gone are the days of spending quiet walks in the countryside. We are more like one large endless GIF loop committed to mundane existence.

But take a while to ponder over how reliant you are on this chaotic world and you’ll understand the humor behind the concept of artist Steve Cutts comical drawings of modern apocalypse.

1 Whats the most frustrating word in the world

Buffering!! Don’t you hate this word when you are sitting with friends and a large bag of popcorn expecting to catch that favorite movie on Netflix and all that appears onscreen is ‘BUFFERING’ doesn’t that get your goat?? By the time you get to see the intro your popcorns turned hard, your friends have gone and you’re ready to boot your TV into the wall.

frustrating word in the world

Image Source: www.buzzland.it

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