A photographer creates a haunting art piece using an old dress and the Dead Sea. See for yourself

2 The artist and his procedure

The artist is known as Sigalit Landau and her partner Yotam From created a masterpiece using the salinity of the Dead Sea. Landau grew up in Israel in an area from where she could see the Dead Sea easily and was fascinated with the water body. She has often used the sea in making some of the most brilliant art pieces like herself floating in the lake with 500 watermelons and making sculptures from the thick layers of salt formed by the sea. Her latest piece is known as the Salt Bride. She took a replica of a 1910 dress worn by a Yiddish bride during that time and submerged the dress totally in the Dead Sea for a period of 2 months. Her partner Yotam From took several photographs of the dress to capture the process of crystallization of salt on the dress. It took Yotam a suit of 150 pounds weight to submerge in the lake.

making sculptures from the thick layers of salt

Image Source: www.thisiscolossal.com

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