12 Photographs Magically Restored to Color And The Difference Is Spellbinding

Photographs are records of emotions, they aren’t just visuals on paper but etched emotions that conjure up memories of days gone. Now while many feel that black and white photos were aesthetic and vintage, however, one cannot deny that color makes images even more powerful, here are 12 images that once existed in their own shades of grey. These are magically restored images now upgraded to color and they are spellbinding. Watch some fantastic moments of colorized history.

12 Inmate at Wobbelin concentration camp, 1945

The Nazi concentration camps could well be the most notorious and infamous of reminders associated with human cruelty and prejudice. There are many photographs that have recorded heartbreaking moments of families torn apart, killed, tortured and other despicable incidents of depravity. This image is of one inmate who breaks down crying after learning he won’t be part of a group being taken to the hospital.

Image Source: www.glbimg.com

11 English Soldier killed in Combat, Egypt 1941

Although this may seem disturbing, it was an iconic war photograph taken of an English lieutenant killed in aerial combat over the Western Desert of Egypt. If you look closely, the inscription is in German which means the English officer was given a decent burial by the enemy. The inscription says ““Here lies an unknown English Lieutenant killed in air combat”.

Image Source: www.squarespace.com

10 The Eiffel Tower under Construction, (July 1888)

The 324 meter tall Eiffel tower a synonymous symbol of Paris was completed in 1889 and designed by Maurice Koechlin and Emile Nouguier. It was built as a gateway for the world fair in 1889 to commemorate the centenary celebration of the French Revolution.

Image Source: ww.mirror.co.uk

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