Psychological Tricks That Can Get You Out Of Awkward Situations

During our day to day lives, be it in school, college, the workplace or even at home we can often find ourselves in situations we do not want to be in. When this happens we resort to strategies that involve talking or actions that can come off as being rude.

We often forget that we can easily manipulate people to get out of situations we do not want to be in. To achieve this we need to learn some simple and easy psychological tricks that we can use in our daily lives.

1People take anything while talking

If you are intently having a conversation with someone, chances are, if you hand them something, they will take it. Their mind is so focused on talking, they will carelessly extend their hand and take whatever. You can play some fun pranks using this trick. Hand them an orange, a potato, a dog, etc.

People take anything while talking

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2How to help someone having a panic attack

If someone is having a panic attack near you, you can help them by breathing really loudly and rhythmically. They will notice you and will start breathing at the same pace as you. This is what nurses and doctors do to help when their patients can’t breathe. Don’t bother if people are looking at you, just focus on breathing and helping.

How to help someone having a panic attack

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3Make lying harder

People lie to us and influence us all the time. But there is an easy way to throw them off while they are doing it. Just stare at their forehead, between their eyebrows. This has an unnerving effect on the person talking to you. Their confidence will probably be thrown off and they won’t be able to lie successfully.

Make lying harder

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4Show that you’re interested

Everyone hates people who just jump in with their own stories in a conversation. They don’t even hear others and just wait for their turn. If you don’t want to be like this, always ask a question related to someone’s story, and then start your own. It makes you look interested and makes the other person feel nice.

Show that you’re interested

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5People love correcting others

We have all met people who love correcting others. Be it grammar nazis or fact-checkers, they love correcting people and stating the right answer. Based on this, the best way to get an answer to your question on the internet isn’t to just ask it. Instead, ask the question and the post an answer which is wrong. People will jump in to correct you and you will have the right answer.

People love correcting others

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